Herta Müller Wort Collagen Workshop

Saturday, 25.05. 2024, 2pm-6pm

Fabrikraum, Johnstraße 25-27, 1150 Wien 

The workshop is free! Limited number of participants/please register:

Inspired by the Herta Müller technique of “collage-poetic” writing, in this workshop, we will elevate word collages and writing with images into true poetic works of art – a combination of scissors and paper with profound meaning. We encounter words everywhere, and each one of them is capable of telling a whole story. We will cut out letters and words from newspapers, magazines, and advertising brochures together. With our life plans, experiences, and a feminist sense of design, we will set these fragments into new texts and compose captivating collages.

Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller (born August 17, 1953 in Nitzkydorf, Romania) is a Romanian-German writer who grew up in the Romanian Banat and emigrated to Germany in 1987. In her works, Müller addresses the consequences of the communist dictatorship in Romania.

Herta Müller is a great collector of words. For years, she has been hoarding old newspapers, magazines and advertising brochures, cutting out words and letters from them and then gluing them together to create postcard-sized works of art. Her books such as "Die blassen Herren mit Mokkatassen", "Vater telefoniert mit den Fliegen" and "Im Heimweh ist ein blauer Saal" ... etc. continue the collection: surprising text images full of magic and riddles. Pure poetry.